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Bk Leon is an international portal for betting on sporting events. This bookmaker has been active on the international market since 2007, in Russia the site has officially appeared since 2011. The domestic resource has a license from the Federal Tax Service, which is connected to the First TSUPIS and is part of the SRO.

You can bet on international sporting events and play a variety of virtual games, as well as take part in the loyalty programme. You will be able to bet on international sporting events, play various virtual games, and participate in the loyalty programme. Leon bookmaker's office regularly offers original bonus offers and promotions, as well as prizes and gifts. The company attracts new users every day, and professional bettors and players leave thousands of reviews and evaluations of the portal, most of the comments are positive.

Bk Leon - sports betting

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The idea of betting is as old as the world. From time immemorial, betting or arguing has been a self-reinforcing situation in which the two parties are willing to lose money if they are wrong. Betting is an opportunity to prove that you are right and get financial compensation for it. Or at the time of betting, a bet is made on other physical objects. 

Rarely, betting is done on interest; it is usually a friendly dispute of some sort. Originally, betting on sports was the domain of the wealthy; the luxury racecourse offered betting to the upper classes. 

The common people did not have access to betting on horse races, and they tried to find alternatives. Thus fist fights among the people, cockfighting and other entertainment available to the middle class began to appear. However, at the time of the contest itself, emotions were so much of a headache for the contestants that they overstepped the boundaries of the law. Therefore, in order to avoid offences and aggressive behaviour, legislation in many countries started to restrict gambling and betting on some sports. After this point, bookmakers went so called underground. Many betting shops became hidden from view, betting was done illegally, in closed communities. And gaining access to certain communities was quite difficult. Because the games were played in the strictest secrecy and under threat of exposure. 

Nowadays, with the growth and spread of the internet, betting services are no longer something of a luxury, but have migrated to ordinary life. Now anyone who is of legal age and has no entertainment restrictions can register with Leon bookmaker office and start betting. However, remember the important point that to this day it is a gambling pastime that can provoke you to spend financially. 

So always keep in mind that betting is just a pastime and not your main livelihood. Don't take it seriously as your main activity and livelihood. And spend only the money you earn on betting.

The bookmaker cooperates with famous associations and federations. Celebrities such as Timati and others are involved in advertising the Leon brand.

Bookmaker rating assessment

Leon offers a wide range of gambling activities. The main focus is on sports betting. In addition, the platform offers a large volume of slots for all tastes from the best licensed producers. Currently, Leon bookmaker offers to sign up for notifications, in which the office will inform you about promotions, important news and send you personal bonuses. 

Bk Leon - website interface

betting leon

Leon's interface is designed in a brutal black colour. All elements are graded in colour from dark black to dark grey. 

The design looks stylish and very solid. 

However, if the black background strains your vision, you can switch to daylight mode. This is done by ticking the checkbox at the top of the page, which will make the interface of the official site of BC Leon light grey, and the other elements white. 

On the home page you can see two types of menu: 

  • vertical 
  • horizontal. 

And in the centre of the page under the dynamic banner is the tournament grid. 

1. The horizontal menu offers the main sections of the website such as: 

  • top, 
  • life,
  • line, 
  • 24/7 betting, 
  • cybersports and promotions. 

2. The vertical menu is traditionally a list of sports. The website offers a systematisation of the interface to suit you. You can sort the deluge by league. You can also choose any sport from the presented ones. And there are more than twenty of them. 

Clicking on the sport tab will bring up an additional menu offering matches for that sport in different countries. 

Select the desired country and click on its name again and a third menu will open, ranking all available matches in that country: 

  • cup;
  • premier league;
  • and local championships.

You can sort all the sports by hours.

Registration on the official site of BC Leon

registering with leon

The registration procedure on the Leon bookmaker's website is a standard form to be filled in. The form contains the following items: 

  • phone number, 
  • email address, 
  • the full date of birth, 
  • password, 
  • checkbox to confirm that you are of legal age and agree to the rules of Leon Ltd. 

An important point to bear in mind is that the phone number code will be determined automatically by your location. An important point to consider is the age of majority. You must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration, as gambling entertainment must be offered to people who are not under the age of majority. Registration with the bookmaker takes place in accordance with the law and regulations. Once you have completed the entire registration form correctly, you must click on the register button and a code will be sent to the phone number you have provided to activate your personal account.

In order to place bets, track your line, make financial transactions, receive bonuses, view your activity history and contact the technical support team, you need to register with the Leonbets bookmaker.

The standard bookmaker registration procedure is simple and straightforward for any internet user. There are two ways to register with the bookmaker: by phone number or by e-mail.

To create a new Leon account, you will need to:

  1. go to the official website and click on the button in the top right-hand corner;
  2. enter the active telephone number;
  3. fill in the form, all required fields. Only give true personal details (personal name, date of birth and other information);
  4. think of a password. You are advised to choose the most complex combination of numbers and letters;
  5. enter a bonus code, if you have one, and receive a cash reward;
  6. familiarise yourself with the bookmaker's general terms, conditions and policies relating to betting and gaming, and accept them by checking "I agree...";
  7. click "register"
  8. enter a code that you will receive by text message.

If the creation of a new account with the bookmaker has been successful, you will always be able to access your personal account with your username and password. After registering, you can open an account and start playing immediately. No verification is required to open an account. However, when you need to withdraw funds, please verify your identity.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the support team at your betting shop. Leon operators are available 24 hours a day 'online' and will always help you, answer and provide all the necessary help materials.

Bonuses on the official site of Leon

leon bonuses

At the time of registration, you will be offered a 20,000ruble freebet bonus for registering as a new customer. But that is not the only offer offered by BC Leon. In the promotions section you will find not only registration promotions, but also an active loyalty programme and other bonuses. 

At the time of the article's description, promotions such as:

  • tennis battles, 
  • freebet bonus 500 roubles, 
  • 50% reboot, 
  • bonus programme. 

Bonuses involve a certain type of reward for a player's activity on the website or for the cleanliness and volume of deposits. Leon is a bookmaker's office that develops a long-term relationship with its clients. And to do this, it offers a good loyalty programme. The loyalty programme is a way of maintaining the relationship with the customer and taking it to the long haul. If an online casino user enjoys interacting with the resource, they will not move on to other sites. That's why BC Leon offers generous bonuses promotions and various programmes. You can find details of all the benefits that Leon bookmaker offers in the horizontal menu, in the promotions section.

The bookmaker is constantly running special bonus offers and promotions. Some Leon bonuses are even awarded if you win 0 roubles, i.e. for your net losses!

To find out what bonus promotions are currently running, contact the bookmaker's support team.

The life section on Leon 

The bookmaker offers a wide range of live matches. On the life tab you will find more than fifty matches currently taking place. The interface allows you to sort what is going on and broadcast events as you see fit. You can select: 

  • Stream, 
  • football, 
  • hockey, 
  • table tennis, 
  • and other sports. 

Apart from traditional Russian sports such as football, hockey and basketball, there are also non-traditional ones: cricket, kobaddi, beach volleyball and so on. A separate column is cyber sports. 

Cybersport at Leon

Cyber sports entertainment has recently burst into the world of betting and is already firmly in place. You can check out current matches in the eSports section, as well as upcoming upcoming events in the world of eSports.

How do I bet at BK Leon?

betting at leon

Leon offers licensed betting services. In order to learn how to bet properly you need to understand the sport in which you plan to do so. After all, placing a bet is essentially your proof of confidence in your knowledge and understanding of the sport.

As well as having a good knowledge of the rules of the sport, you need to understand teams or individual players. If it is a team sport, you need to understand the conditions under which the match takes place: 

  • Whether on their own turf, 
  • whether it is a home match or a world match, 
  • what the balance of power of the opponents is and other conditions. 

You need to understand how you can make certain bets. There are different types of bets available at the moment, mainly three types.

Bk Leon offers an in-depth look at how you can bet on their website. And what types of bets and odds are available for the various matches. The tournament grid, which is located in the middle of the screen on the main page of the Leon website, details what is going on at the moment. If you know all the stats, you can understand what is happening on the field of play without looking at the broadcast. 

In order to predict an event and to bet on it, you need to know the state of the players and their past matches. Sometimes the mood of a team is more noticeable, if it has won and lost in the previous divisions. And this is an important factor that influences the outcome of an event. When you make a bet, you become a part of the deal, in which you offer a certain amount of money to prove your point. And bk Leon offers you a reward in case your prediction turns out to be correct. 

There are a variety of predictions: 
  • You can bet on the winning team, 
  • in which round the match will be scored, 
  • when the first out occurs, 
  • when the first corner happens and so on. 

You can bet not only on the winner and loser, but also on the points gap or other events that may occur during the match.

The technical support team at Leon.

In the event of an unforeseen situation when interacting with Leon, it is worth contacting the technical support team. Technical support is a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring uninterrupted access to your personal account, as well as available broadcasts. If for any reason you are having difficulties logging into your personal cabinet, connecting to a particular broadcast, or not understanding the bonus programme, its activation and application. In this situation, describe your problem to the support team. 

The service specialists will help you resolve the situation as quickly as possible, suggest the best solutions and restore your access to your account. Strictly follow the steps offered by the technical support team at Leon. 

If you are registered on the official website, you can always log in to your personal account and take advantage of all the available functions. There are all the features, a user-friendly interface, good functionality, a menu with all the main sections, a stylish design and a pleasant layout. The bookmaker has been accepting interactive bets since 2016.

The advantages of BC Leon:

  • the ratios are quite high;
  • low margins;
  • an average choice of sports (about 30 disciplines in total);
  • a choice of multiple betting types (single, multi bets, pre-match and in-play bets);
  • accurate predictions, match reviews, outcomes, etc;
  • the pre-match playlist;
  • the opportunity to bet on major international matches, tournaments, marathons and championships (Champions League, Liga A, etc.) and much more.

Leon Leon Betting Company Mirror

leon betting mirror

International offshore Leonbets is often blocked by Russian providers at the request of Roskomnadzor. The reason is the article on unlicensed sites in Russia. Therefore, the company is forced to look for ways to bypass the RKN blocking. The most popular way around is a mirror.

Working mirror bk leon - is a different domain address for the official website, set up in case of blockage or other technical problems. The mirror offers completely similar features, options and services as the official website.

There is a legal domestic resource called Leon.ru. On this portal, you can bet on sports and use all the features of your personal account. You do not need to look for an up-to-date mirror, you can go directly to the Russian website. However, if you are a fan of live casinos, slot machines, slots, and other gambling games, you will suffer because of their complete absence on the famous Leon.ru.

You can find the current mirror by searching on Google or Yandex. Type "working mirror of Leon" into the search box. If you are a regular client, the betting company will send a working mirror to your email. Be sure to subscribe to Leonbets on social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook) to keep up-to-date with current mirrors. You can also add the Leon bookmark to your browser bar.

If you don't want to search for a working mirror all the time, install the Leon app. Or use VPN services - this extension will change the location of your computer or device, "moving" it outside our country and the CIS. Both these methods are great if you don't want to worry about how to bypass Roskomnadzor blocking!

If the betting shop's website is not working properly when you access it, it may be because you are using an old version of your browser. Please install the latest updates regularly on your PC or smartphone and use only a stable internet connection.

The mobile version of BC Leon

mobile leon

For ease of use, Leon bookmaker has developed a mobile version, which can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. It is good if you own a modern phone with the Android or IOS operating platform.

Remember that download links can only be found on the home page of the official resource. Beware of fraudsters!

There's a nice added bonus: for installing the app, BC gives away a free 500-ruble freebet.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your Leon account

You can quickly and easily make any kind of money transfer - both deposits and withdrawals.

Leon cooperates successfully with banks, so it is possible to make deposits and withdrawals via Visa/Mastercard. Payments from e-wallets (e.g. Qiwi, Webmoney) are available to Leon bookmaker users. Once you have specified the amount and the necessary details (account number, owner details and code), the transaction is made within 2-3 minutes, sometimes a little longer.

 The minimum deposit is 10 roubles. The maximum withdrawal is 150,000.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I confirm my identity at Leon?

Usually it is enough to send the moderators of the official website a good quality photo of your Russian passport. But in some situations, the administration may ask for additional documents required to confirm your identity.

We also recommend that you get authenticated at the bank's partner offices - Qiwi, Euroset or Contact. Unfortunately, Leon does not yet have its own PPP.

Where are the nearest betting shops of leon.ru betting company?

Leon does not have a land-based betting shop.

How do I withdraw money from leon.ru to my card?

To withdraw money from Leon, go to the "Withdrawals" section of your personal account on the bookmaker's website and select the payment method you prefer. Enter your personal details, the amount of money you wish to withdraw and press "Request". You will then receive an sms message with a code, which you will have to enter and confirm the withdrawal.

How do I register at leon.ru?

To register with Leon, go to the bookmaker's website and click on the "Registration" button in the top right corner of the page. Fill in all the required fields, confirm that you agree with the rules, click "Continue" and follow the bookmaker's further instructions.

How do I get a bonus at Leon bookmaker?

To take advantage of your bonuses, please visit the Bonuses section of BC Leon on our website and follow the instructions in the bonus offer posts.

How do I bind the IPO? (Going through the BC registration process)

Go to the One Stop Shop website and click on "Register" in the top right corner of the page. Then enter a valid phone number and click "Continue". A code will be sent to the phone number you specified. Enter it in the corresponding field and click on "Confirm". The phone number, to which you have registered the CSIS Wallet, must be the same as the phone number indicated on the bookmaker's website.

How soon is the rate calculated?

Live bets at Leon are settled instantly. Pre-match bets are calculated after the event is over.

How do I delete my account?

You cannot delete your account, but you can stop using it.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you do.

Why is the website not working?

If the site of Leon is down, it means that the site is malfunctioning or is undergoing technical work. If it is an offshore Leonbets, it is forbidden to access it from Russia because it does not have a gambling license on the territory of the Russian Federation. Read more about leon mirror.

Can I bet on sports at Leon without registering?

No, betting at Leon is not possible without a registered account.

How long does it take to withdraw funds to a bank card?

The average time for a withdrawal operation at BK Leon to a bank card is 2-3 hours. Officially, the bookmaker can make a payment within 24 hours.

Is it safe to bet at Leon?

Since BK Leon is a partner of the ERAI and connected to the ECUPIS, betting with this company, depositing a game account and providing personal data are safe actions for users.

Does Leon cut accounts for its clients?

Cutting limits, lowering odds, blocking withdrawal options - all of these sanctions are applied to players in case of breaches of the service's internal rules.

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  1. The football bets are particularly good, they even offer separate bonuses. In general, there are more promotions here than anywhere else! They are very profitable. Leon Ltd. is really reliable and trustworthy, and thousands of players choose it for a reason! I am running my own business on a mobile app from android phone, I have installed it recently. It is very comfortable, it is faster than in my browser and it does not take a lot of time or space. Withdrawals are made within a couple of minutes. Download it and get started today!!!

  2. No problems, love everything. Used to use another bk, it was much worse, good thing I switched to Leon ☺ Ideal for gaming and work, far superior to its competitors! It's simply the leader in the field! My win statistics have really improved here. Very polite attitude from the support team, always in touch, they are always answering if you have any questions or help, you can find out all the latest news about the BK! Lets you know all the important information before you play, takes your knowledge into account and supports newbies. Can view results of prepared matches, learn the betting process, analyse club games, etc. I have been using it for about 2 years now. Bottom line: highly recommended!!!

  3. Been using Leon for 1 year now. My winnings here have become higher, more frequent, easier! Doing maximums on leon. Thank you very much for the convenient service and quality service! They accept everybody, even if you are a complete beginner, they will explain and help you, they treat you with respect and offer all the information you need. They explain everything, help, treat with respect, and provide all the information they need, all the time. Everything is legal. All fast, a couple of minutes, commission is minimal, only a small percentage of the total amount. We are also happy that there are a lot of different bonuses. There are practically no disadvantages. But, on the whole, all the other advantages more than compensate for it. Leonbet stands out from the rest of the competition!

  4. Been here with a friend for five years now. We bet mainly on football, tennis and cybersport, occasionally on basketball and hockey. International teams, popular competitions, betting - several options, with handicaps +/-. Leon is distinguished by its speed, quality, reliability and security! Ample opportunities, high scores, excellent calculations, quotes, predictions. All promptly paid, real money. Glad you decided on this one. Top, top notch, no downside! We prefer to go through the working mirror (we are members of Leonbet group, there is a new address regularly), because they allow us to play casino and other games. In general, full compliance on all points with the foreign site, no differences. The other thing is that you can choose the currency, we withdraw everything in dollars to the card, everything goes through, the transfer is very fast. Secondly, leon is much more interesting than the Russian betting site of the same name, can really take, and in terms of taxes - solely on the bettor's conscience ☺

  5. I work out here many hours a day. Came to Leon bet about 4 years ago and still love it. Very decent bk, glad to be part of the business! My focus is on betting, high odds, easy and quick to make coupons, one convenience. I also actively play casino as well, so I include a mirror (in Russian everything is limited to deposits alone, you can't gamble). I win often, real profit! Fast transactions, everything is convenient and safe. Also I'm always watching for bonuses, they are really cool. As an example, I would like to mention the welcome bonus with a limit of up to 20 thousand rubles! Always detailed answers from the support team.

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