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Today we are going to talk about Aviator. Aviator is a type of intuitive game. Intuitive games are emulators, designed for your intuition. That is, you don't make decisions based on calculations or predictions, but only on how you feel about when a certain event will happen. In this game, that event is an aeroplane take-off. Aviator is your take-off in the world of gambling entertainment. Aviator - feel the extreme of betting.

Aviator rules of the game


The rules are simple and easy to understand, even for a newcomer. Aviator appeared back in the spring of 2021, but in that time it has gained popularity among gamblers. Developer Spribe has provided the game in 2 variants: a demo version and a paid version. Aviator allows any player to win literally within seconds of starting the round. The idea is that you determine the time when you can break the bank. As the virtual plane takes off, the payout odds increase along with the take-off line. You need to determine at what point the odds stop rising and take the jackpot. 

If before the plane has taken off you have not taken your bet away from the take-off line, the round is lost. 

Thus, your winnings only depend on your patience and intuition. Many experienced users advise against procrastination, as you can never predict exactly when the plane will take off. The time it takes for the virtual plane to take off is determined randomly. The RNG system, which is a random number generator, is responsible for setting the take-off time, it is an automatic system and does not rely on any other facts. 

How to play Aviator

The rules are simple and can be summarised in a few steps: 

  • place an amount on deposit
  • wait and determine when the aircraft will take off from the take-off line
  • stop is pressed
  • take back the money you earned. 

There is also a demo version, where you don't deposit any money, but use demo money. It's a great way to try and test your sense of luck and intuition. 

How long is the round in Aviator

The round doesn't last very long, and each new bet can be placed before the start of a new round. Thus, Aviator is one kind of fair game, as your bet is only affected by your decision and your winnings depend on your luck and the random number generators. 

Consequently, absolutely everyone has a chance to win. 

Aviator interface

So, let's start by looking at the interface:

  • While you wait for the round to start there is a propeller on the screen;
  • As the propeller spins, all players enter the game;
  • On the left, in the screen window, are all the players who are taking part in a given round;
  • As long as the propeller is moving, the aircraft is paused;
  • As soon as a round has started, the odds start to rise along with the plane's take-off line.

First round at the Aviatorе

Before you start playing, you have to choose a mode. 

There are two options: manual mode and auto mode. In the second option, you have to set the parameters for the sums of money you place on the stakes yourself. 

The next stage is take-off, the point at which, once the plane begins its movement, it moves strictly upwards along a certain curve. The direction and duration of the movement is determined by a random number generator. As the take-off line grows upwards - the odds go up proportionally with it. And here the most important thing is not to lose your nerve, because if you stop the game very early, of course, your bet will be multiplied by the small odds, which was on the line at the moment of stopping. 

Also vice versa (experienced players advise not to overdo it, because further after the plane takes off and pulls away from the take-off line - the growth of the odds stops, the session stops). Thus, if you miss the moment the plane takes off from the take-off line - you lose.

The results of the round are published immediately after the round and, if you have timed your bet correctly, you have won. Immediately after the round you can withdraw your winnings.

Coefficients at Aviator

Due to the fact that the odds grow arithmetically, i.e. almost vertically, impressive winnings can be achieved. Aviator allows both beginners and adepts of the various slots to win big money right away. 

The next point it is advisable to keep an eye on the increasing multiplier. That is, the take-off line itself is a multiplier of your bet by a certain factor. 

And the final stage is to have time to press the 'bid' button to stop the flight and collect your money.

The betting range is usually set by the online casino itself, where you are at the moment. The money is only taken as long as the plane is on track. If it has already flown away then your bet has failed. The amount of your winnings will be the product of the payout ratio of that amount you bet. 

Automatic mode in Aviator

It is also possible to bet in automatic mode. Then the rounds are played without the players' involvement. The player sets up the basic parameters beforehand: 

  1. The first parameter is the auto rate. 
  2. The second parameter is cash-out. This is the multiplier value at which the system automatically presses the "bet" key. That is, you tell the software which multiplier to bet on.
  3. If the circumstances are right, the money is deposited on the balance.

Aviator: how you can play for free

In some online casinos, it is possible to play for free, i.e. there is a demo version. The demo version allows you to play without depositing any money. And bet virtual money, which is given to you by the casino, so you can play even without registering. To test how lucky you are. 

Where to download the Aviator game

As you understand, any online casinos may be subject to blocking, due to certain browser and provider restrictions. If you're having trouble registering or logging in to the official website, be sure to look for a site mirror. Generally, licensed online casinos post links to site mirrors in various telegram feeds, social networks or all the sources that are listed on the official website. 

But the most convenient option is to download the Aviator app to your phone. You can download the Aviator app on both android and iPhone, depending on which system you are used to.

Registering to play Aviator

In order to start playing at any online casino, you need to register. Generally, registration is quite simple and requires the usual steps: 

  1. go to the official website, or download the official online casino app. 
  2. enter your personal details in the fields you are asked to fill in when you create your account. 
  3. choose to either make a deposit or play a demo. 
  4. some online casinos offer verification. 

Once you have registered at an online casino, you need to go through a confirmation e-mail, if you have registered via email a link to confirm the registration will be sent to your email, if via smartphone you will receive an SMS confirmation to your phone number. Some online casinos also offer registration through social networks. Accordingly, you will receive a confirmation code in the social media account through which you have registered. The steps are intuitive, you just have to follow the prompts on the website or in the application. Once you have registered, all the games and applications at the online casino are available to you.

Withdrawal of funds Aviator

A very important point to pay attention to is here and withdrawal. Different casinos use different deposit and withdrawal methods. As a rule, if you have identified one way of depositing money, then as a rule, the withdrawal of funds will be done in the same way.

Pay attention to online casinos that offer cryptocurrency transactions. Bitcoin casinos and casinos that offer blockchain-based payments and deposits, i.e. using a crypto wallet, are now gaining popularity. 

You can also use e-wallets in some systems. To do this, you must be registered with a specific payment system. 

An important point: all transactions that take place at an online casino must be carried out by a person who is of legal age. And is fully responsible for your actions. Never provide your payment and account information to third parties who could use your account or manage your bets. Also, you shall not provide access to your payment data, the social networks you used to register, your e-mail address or the telephone number you used to log in to your personal account.

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