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Leon is an international portal licensed by Curacao. It has been operating on the foreign market since 2007, while in Russia it was launched in 2011.

Unfortunately, on the territory of our country, a foreign portal is constantly blocked by ISPs by order of Roskomnadzor. The reason for this is an article in the law on unlicensed websites in Russia. Therefore, the company is forced to look for ways to bypass the RCN blocking in order to allow customers not to interrupt their game and work.

What is a mirror of the Leon website? 

It is a fully identical alternative, a different domain zone that works in case of Roskomnadzor blocking or other out-of-the-ordinary situations. The mirror provides the same basic options, features and services as the offshore leonbets.com. There are absolutely no differences!

Legality of the mirror link 

It is worth noting that there is still a legal domestic resource called Leon.ru. It officially opened in 2011. Russian BK Leon (mirror) is licensed by the Federal Tax Service, which is connected to the First TSUPIS and is part of the SRO. The portal allows you to bet on sports and use most of the features of your personal account. The only thing, if you are a fan of gambling, remember that Leon.ru (even the mirror) is characterized by their complete absence!

Reviews on the Leon Leon mirror

That's why more and more of our compatriots choose a mirror copy of Leonbets and stay here for a long time. Professional players and bookmakers note the excellent work of the mirror and leave many positive reviews and evaluations.

A mirror link is an alternative entry, another domain address created in case of a blockage and used in various emergency situations. Every day new users visit the mirror, and professional players and bookmakers leave a lot of reviews and evaluations, most of the comments are positive. In the mirror of BC Leon you will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of a foreign BC, as well as access to the main options and services of your personal account.

What options do you have with the Leon mirror?

Here you can bet on sports and use all the functions of the system in the same way. But there is one thing that makes the Leon mirror different: 

If you are a fan of casinos and various gambling games, you will have to accept their complete absence on the Russian portal.

The possibilities of the Leon mirror

bk leon mirror

You won't find any difference in the popular mirror in comparison with the offshore mirror of BC Leon. You will be provided with the same accessible interface, good functionality, a convenient menu with the necessary sections, pleasant design, and high-quality design in dark tones. You will get the same high odds, quite low margin, possibility to choose from several types of bets (single bets, expresses, pre-match/online bets), pre-match spread, medium choice of sports (about 30 disciplines in total).

By logging in with your normal username and password, you will be able to
  • betting on major sporting events (matches, tournaments, marathons, championships);
  •  Play a range of gambling games (e.g. live dealer casinos, slot machines and other virtual slot machines);
  • take part in the loyalty programme (original bonus offers and promotions);
  • Make secure financial transactions - quickly and safely. Deposits and withdrawals to bank cards and some e-wallets are available;
  • follow the lines, access online streaming, watch match reviews, etc;
  • change and save your personal profile settings;
  • to ask for help and information from the 24-hour helpdesk. Operators are always available if you have any questions and will provide detailed answers, help and all reference materials;
  • do many other things.

How do I find a working mirror of Leon?

leon betting mirror

There are a number of methods to find a mirror of BK Leon bet. Let's look at some of them. 

Do a Google or Yandex search. Type "working Leon mirror" into the search box. But beware of scammers! Don't try to find out the fresh address on illegal third-party portals, dubious information sources, channels and organizations.

  1. First of all, we advise you to subscribe to Leonbets' social media groups, e.g. Vkontakte, Facebook. The administration regularly informs its subscribers how to get to the working mirrors. 
  2. Secondly, if you are a regular user, you will receive regular newsletters about any changes related to the active address. You can ask the support team about the latest news. In case the resource is blocked, send a question about the active link to info-ru@leonbets.com.

You can also add a special bookmark directly to your browser. To do this, go to the official Leonbet. Go to the FAQ section, then click - "Accessing the site", then in the list that opens - "Universal bookmarking". An orange banner will appear, pick it up with your cursor and place it on your browser's bookmarks bar. Now every time you click on this tab, you can automatically get to the working mirror.

This is why an increasing number of our compatriots prefer to use the current Leonbet mirror and stay here for a long time. 

The working copy is no different to the known Leon bets and offers the same features as the offshore site.

The merits of the BC Leon mirror 

  • the ratios are quite high;
  • quite low margins;
  • the ability to choose from several types of betting (available options: single bets, multi bets, pre-match and live betting);
  • an average choice of sports (about 30 disciplines in total);
  • the pre-match playlist;
  • accurate forecasts and more.


  • It officially opened in 2011;
  • has a licence from the Federal Tax Service, which is connected to the First UCPIS and is part of an SRO. 

The mirror offers its customers an identical service, excellent functionality, quality service, a good interface, a basic menu with all the necessary sections, a comfortable design in dark colours and a pleasant layout of all pages.

Logging in to your personal account at Leon 

entrance to the mirror

By logging in with your usual Leon username and password you will be able to

  • betting on major sporting events (matches, tournaments, marathons and championships);
  • play live casinos and other virtual slot machines (no gaming restrictions);
  • take part in the loyalty programme, original bonus offers, promotions and drawings and win special prizes and gifts;
  • follow the lines, watch match reviews, recordings, etc;
  • to familiarise yourself with all the necessary reference materials;
  • if you have any questions, contact the helpdesk for help and information. The helpdesk operators are online 24 hours a day, always in touch and ready to help;
  • change and save your personal profile settings;
  • make quick financial transactions - deposits and withdrawals to bank cards and e-wallets;
  • watch online broadcasts of matches and do much more.

Alternative sign-in to your Leon account

  • Some users imagine that finding a fresh link is not only quite difficult, but you can also encounter various security issues. In fact, there are several methods to move to an up-to-date domain quickly, easily and safely. Let's take a look at some of them.
  • If you don't want to search for a new domain all the time, we recommend downloading a mobile version. Secondly, try using a proxy server or VPN extension, which will ensure that you can visit foreign sites with peace of mind. With either of these two methods you no longer have to think about how to bypass Roskomnadzor blocking!
  • If you have logged on to Leon or a mirror but the portal is experiencing various technical problems, it may be because of your browser. How long ago did you install the latest updates? It is advisable to regularly update the browser on your PC or mobile device and to check whether your Internet connection is stable.
  • Next, we recommend the most reliable, safe and fastest way - add a bookmark directly to your computer or mobile browser. To do this, go to the official Leon website. Click on "Access Website", then select "Universal Bookmark" in the list that appears. Click on it, the page will open and you'll see an orange banner. Pick it up with your cursor and drag it to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Now every time you click on this tab, you will be automatically taken to the working portal.

The app of BC Leon

leon app

If you have logged into BC Leon (or its mirror) and are experiencing various technical problems, it may be because you are using an outdated version of your browser. Please install the latest updates on your device and only work with a stable internet connection.

If you don't want to be constantly looking for a mirror, you should download a mobile app. The software will give you similar functions. You can also use VPN services. The extension will change the location of your PC or mobile device, making it appear as if you are outside our country. If you don't like using a mirror, download and install the app. The software works perfectly on modern smartphones and tablets with a compatible Android or IOS operating platform. Perfect for mobile device screens!

The software can only be downloaded from the official Leon website. The link can be found on the home page. After installation, log in using your normal username and password.

Signing up at Leon

If you are not already registered with the system, follow the standard registration procedure. The process of creating a new account is simple and straightforward, takes a few minutes, and does not require much effort. The standard procedure yf a mirror is no different from creating a new account on the official resource. The process is carried out in a few steps, simple and understandable to any user, even beginners do not have any problems with it.

To create an account, you will need
  • go to the home page and click on the "register" button in the top right corner;
  • enter the active phone number;
  • fill in the form, all fields. Only give the correct personal details (first name, surname, date of birth);
  • select the currency (dollars, euros, roubles, tenge, hryvnias);
  • enter the promo code and get paid for creating a new account;
  • read the general terms and conditions that apply to betting and gaming and confirm your agreement by ticking the box;
  • click "register";
  • to complete, enter the code that you will receive by text message to the number given.

then open an account. Start quality play and work today!

If all goes well, you will always be able to log in with your username and password. It makes no difference which domain Leonbets is currently on. 

BC Leon bonuses

Leon offers identical bonus offers and promotions on all of its resources. In the mirror, the bookmaker gives exactly the same cash incentives, prizes and gifts. Some bonuses are awarded even if you win 0 roubles, i.e. for your losses. Contact the technical support for more information.

  • Enter the promo code in the separate field and receive a cash reward for creating an account.
  • If you are a newcomer, you are eligible for the 100% welcome bonus. You will need to open an account in order to receive the cash bonus. The amount you will receive is directly related to your first deposit. The maximum deposit is $100. In order to wagering you will need to earn a certain number of points - leons (internal currency).
Welcome bonus

If you are new to BC Leon, you are entitled to a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. To get it, you will need to open an account. The maximum top-up is an amount of $100.

Technical support at Leon

Support is available for all methods of accessing the site, including via a mirror.

The support team responds promptly to user queries and resolves any problems as quickly and correctly as possible.

Due to the quality of the software, the software generally does not fail. Therefore, the most common questions are about the activation of the bonus. And a number of issues that arise because the customer has not fully studied the rules For example, not reading all the terms and conditions for activating and wagering the bonus. 

So if there is a problem, you can try to solve it yourself:

look for a solution in the frequently asked questions section;

re-read the terms and conditions (bonus programme, deposit and withdrawal rules, etc.);

 And after that, if you can't manage it yourself, write to the technical support chat room.

There are several ways to get in touch with the experts:

  1. online chat
  2. email

Even before you start contacting the system, it will suggest sections of questions about what the problem is:

  1. My account
  2. Promotions and Bonuses
  3. Deposits
  4. Payments
  5. Sports betting

If your question relates to one of these topics, you can search for a solution by going to the appropriate section.

It is easy to find the support team on the Leon website mirror. To do so, look at the bottom of the page. There will be a functional button labeled "Help". It is not highlighted brightly, but in the understated tones of the site.

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  1. You can play casino games on your mobile! Glad I downloaded and installed it on my android smartphone. It loads quicker than a browser. Great platform to play and work on - tops when compared to the rest of the competition! Download and you to your devices, you will not regret, I guarantee! On the portal you will find any information about betting and virtual machines, a lot of interesting things, ready reviews. Everything is accessible and easy to use. If you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask the technical support - they answer every message, around the clock without interruption.

  2. Been using it for two years now. Really learned how to win, my winnings are getting easier, higher and more frequent! I go to a copy of Leonbets, play casino, slots and other machines sometimes. Overall, very comfortable to use, great service, availability of all features, fully present. If anything, I contact the support team. They will tell you everything, help you, answer your questions in detail. I recommend it, join the team! Get a quality start today! Plus you don't have to go through identification and pay taxes 😉

  3. I think it's very convenient for betting! The only thing is that there's no betting, but it works pretty well as it is. I bet on international teams, mainly football, hockey, basketball and cybersport, I have real money. I withdraw to my bank card easily, quick withdrawal within a couple of minutes maximum, the commission is the lowest, which makes me happy. I have been with Leon for about 1 year now and I will probably stay here for a long time. I plan to learn how to play casino, I've been dreaming about it for a long time ☺

  4. My first win!!! Football! Celebrating! Not long ago I was a complete dummy in betting, but thanks to the staff at Leon. They explained me everything in betting, how to do it correctly, they helped me avoid mistakes, they just laid it all out for me considering my level and complete lack of experience! I struggled a bit, but now I really understand and I even managed to win! But I first registered and funded my account just a month ago...

  5. I've been betting for 5 years, it flew by like a day! Satisfied with everything, virtually no problems, always withdrawing money, which is the most important thing. Today, Leon is even better than before, the company improves every year. They have European standards, they are much better than competitors, the conditions are better than elsewhere. There are almost no disadvantages. You too should come here! More features coming soon!

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